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The things which parents must know!

Awesome family

Family is a big creativity. Family is a root of society, cells of the world. We can be the part of healthy society and healthy world in the result of update and healthy increasing of these cells. Mother, father and children are the molecules of these cells. The problem in one molecule can change all the world and society. Remember that, for a big fire the sparkle is not enough? Cutting a long stroy short, let us talking about main titles.

Parents must know!

☛   Do not argue near your children! This can damage their psychology. The psychology which was damaged can also damage other psychologies. The psychology which was damaged looks like to cancer.

☛   Do not kiss your child from their lips! Do not do something which can be accepted 18+ beside them. For example, do not kiss your husband from his lips beside your children! May be the kid is neonatal, In this case do not have sex with your husband too! Sex sounds grave in their brain! Some years later if your child will be a maniac do not be excited surprised!

☛   İnstead of only ordering and advising, do good things, in this case your child will follow-up these things and will do the same. For example, read books beside your children. Be sure, she is looking at you and learning from you. Doing good things and giving good advice are very beneficial. And when you are communicating with her, inform your children that you love them and you think about her\his and society`s future. Do not neglect and say “It is a child, little”! I assure you, in his brain every thing is noted. Time will pass and the things which were noted in your childs brain will return to the society as an action.

☛   Only being a biologic parent does not mean being a parent! Spend a good time with your family and children. Do not forget that you have got parenthood liability. Do not allege your work or other things. If you are a parent, it means that you have responsibilities not only in front of your children, but also all society and whole world. Even animals provide their children with food, defend them, and teach them about finding prey and defending themselves! And in the response of this they do not expect something from their children or do not think that they are indebted.

☛   Only love. Show your love. Do not forget, people are created for loving, but things are created for being used. If you try to love things (for example, money) and use people, you will not know what is real happiness and humanity! This is an actual fatality!

☛   Respect their choices. Do you need to be reminded that all of us are separate individual? Separate individual means different thoughts, different tastes, different ways, different and personal pains and joys. When you have a tooth ache, you feel it. Same as you, your child also when has a tooth ache, he also feels it. When he has got an ache and you feel it, it means that you know your beloved one has a pain! Think yourself, If you do not know anything about his ache, will you suffer from it? But you can give some advice. If you can do, it will be good to help them.

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