The best human is who has been a man!

human and monkey

Being born as a human (Homo sapiens) does not mean to be a man yet. Being a man it means being a personality. It is formed in society. Biologically, there is no big difference between humans and monkeys. The human who has become a man is considered a supreme created who able think, able love, able living in the society and living in under the rules of ethics, able respect yourself, also others.

☛   Being a man is to respect!

Respecting to people, rules, people who think differently from you, who loves you and who does not love you, different religions and morals!

☛   Being a man is being beneficial!

To be beneficial for society, to be beneficial for people. Being a man is to create his / her own way in the world you live in, in all the things that happen in the community, in all issues which intervene that can be helpful.

☛   Being a man is to love!

Our main features that make difference from animals is our intelligence, the main features which differ from artificial intelligence is our feelings. We can love, we can feel, so we are still happy. As long as we and our loved ones are alive, we need to live this feel without losing any time.

People were created to be loved, and things created to use. The reason of chaos in the world is the things are being loved but the people are being used! Author: Cemil Meric.

☛   Being a Man is to help!

Even the animals help one another. You, the human who was considered as a highest intelligent person in the world, to help is in your responsibility, is in your duty, the way for you which start from humanity to personality.

☛   Being a man is to be a responsibility!

Since we were born and after becoming old we take the responsibility of our individual actions and take the responsibility of being an individual person. Taking this responsibility raises us from humanity to man.

☛   To become a man, you must recognize human rights!

Each of us lives in a wild animal. We are chained to this animal when we become a man. Sometimes, to liberate this animal within a limit, within the boundaries, will benefit both our humanity and our personality. It is a great gift given to you (to us) by our Creator. Just enjoy being to human! just love, just feel. Feel everything. But never forget, you must be honest for becoming a man.

Being a man is to live as a man and dies as a man!
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