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How To Stay Motivated When Everything Is Falling Apart

How To Stay Motivated When Everything Is Falling Apart

There are times in everyone’s life in which you think that you are losing everything in life, there is nothing good left in life and everything is falling apart. Trust me, we all have experienced such days and gone through it. The only thing that appears very difficult but pulls you out through the bad times is being motivated and positive in life. I know it is very easy to say to remain motivated but when the time comes everyone loses their positivity and sometimes indulge in excessive anxiety and depression. At those times you need to follow some steps and take necessary actions to remain motivated which are as follows:

☛   1. Pray:

If you are not a religious person you can still try it. When everything is falling apart and you know you cannot do anything to make everything according to your will then what you can do is pray. Pray without any reason just ask God for help, though it will not make any difference at first, you will be able to cry your heart out and by praying you will come to know of all your worries, needs and requirements. You will feel a little motivated by praying, you will have that comfort in your heart that everything will turn out to be good.

☛   2. Talk to a close relation:

Another thing that will help you to get rid of the anxieties of bad times is talking to any close relation be it a friend, mother, father or anyone. Tell them your worries and reason for having bad feelings, they will help you in relaxing yourself. Your family and friends are your well-wishers and they will not leave you alone on your worst days. You can also go out with your friends or attend motivational lectures and listen to stories of other people who have gone through similar situations.

☛   3. Try to look at the bright side:

Another motivational tip that is essentially very hard to pursue is to look at the bright side or the silver linings. It means to look for good things in every bad thing that has happened to you. There is always something good behind everything or there is a chance that everything will turn out to be fine in the end. As they say, every black cloud has a silver lining, just wait for it and maybe all your worries will turn into pleasant surprises.

☛   4. Time will pass:

One thing that made me go through my bad days is the cruel reality that every time, either good or bad will pass away. Though this reality can sometimes be cruel, sometimes it can be a blessing. When you are going through bad days just think of it that the time will pass and all your bad days will be over. You will be given a chance to start a new venture in your life and enjoy happy days that you were waiting for a long period of time.

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